What is AWS, and what makes it the very best cloud service provider? Here is a list of 13 factors to pick AWS as your Cloud Provider.

What is AWS?

AWS or Amazon Web Services is the cloud platform used by Amazon that supplies scalable and affordable cloud computing options.

AWS is the world’s leading cloud supplier that supplies a wide variety of services to develop and scale all sort of applications. You can utilize AWS for anything from hosting an individual site for as inexpensive as 1$ to 1.5$ to massive business applications. AWS has its clients in over 190 nations, and leading business like Kellogg’s, Netflix, and Airbnb utilize AWS as their cloud company.

This short article will offer you some factors to select AWS as your Cloud Provider. Let’s begin.

AWS Free Tier

AWS uses a great deal of its product or services as a totally free tier. There are 3 various kinds of complimentary deals readily available in AWS, depending upon the service.

Free Trial: These services provide you a totally free trial duration from the minute you begin utilizing the service. For instance, Amazon Redshift is a 2 month totally free trial duration.

12 months complimentary: The deal incorporates the services that are complimentary for a duration of 12 months from the start date of your AWS account. For instance, AWS S3 has 12 months of complimentary 5GB storage per account.

Constantly Free: This deal consists of some services which are constantly complimentary. For instance, AWS Lambda provides to 3.2 million seconds of calculate time monthly.

AWS’s complimentary tier is an excellent offering that permits you to experiment with the AWS Console and get acquainted with AWS services.

AWS Activate

AWS Activate is a lesser-known AWS service that supplies an outrageous quantity of as much as 100,000$ in AWS credit to start-ups to assist them grow their company. It likewise provides exceptional assistance strategy credits and architecture assistance to assist start-ups utilize AWS services effectively.

AWS Free Tier and Activate are excellent strategies and alternatives for brand-new designers and brand-new start-ups to check out the AWS cloud without fretting about expenses. AWS is normally really lax with its billing. I understand of some cases where AWS eliminated some small costs from accounts utilized by trainees who unintentionally utilized AWS beyond the complimentary tier.

International Leader

With the increase in cloud computing AWS is coming out as a clear winner compared to other cloud suppliers. It has a 32% market share– more than the next 2 cloud suppliers integrated.

AWS Global Infrastructure

Currently, the AWS Cloud covers 84 Availability Zones in 26 areas worldwide. Even more, the business has actually revealed prepare for 24 more Availability Zones and 8 more AWS Regions in numerous nations throughout the world. The worldwide existence of AWS enables you to establish your applications in numerous significant cities around the world, supplying low latency access to your consumer. This must likewise assist you establish multi-region backups.

AWS Services

AWS cloud is proliferating not simply in the variety of areas however likewise in the variety of services and functions. AWS is frequently upgrading its console and services. If you follow their updates carefully, AWS releases groundbreaking functions practically monthly. The AWS cloud presently uses 200+ services, and the number is ever-growing.


AWS has pay-per-use rates for the majority of its services. So you just spend for which service you utilize and precisely the time you utilize it. For instance, AWS Lambda that runs for 15 seconds will just be billed for 15 seconds, S3 storage of 1.5 GB will just be billed for precisely 1.5 GBs, and so on. This suggests you do not need to make any dedication. You just spend for the resource you utilize and for how long you utilize it.

AWS likewise provides discount rates if you are all set to make a dedication. For instance, let us presume you intend on utilizing an EC2 circumstances for 1 year. Rather of opting for the on-demand circumstances, which utilizes the pay-per-use prices design, you might opt for a reserved circumstances. Utilizing Reserved circumstances can be as much as 70% more affordable than the on-demand circumstances. You can likewise study area circumstances for even more affordable Ec2 circumstances.


AWS is created remarkably to permit designers to get comfy with the platform rapidly. AWS is continuously updating its console to enhance the UI experience of the designers. They have excellent descriptions and color-coding of info to assist brand-new users comprehend the console much better.


For the many part, AWS never ever decreases. You can look for any present or old blackouts in AWS services in the AWS Health Dashboard.

AWS enables you to enormously scale your applications to produce extremely effective architectures that scale up and down as required.


The business boasts functions like unlimited storage capability, 99.999999999% of toughness of information in AWS S3. This suggests that you are most likely to get struck by lightning than lose a file in AWS S3. Not simply AWS S3, if you utilize your information and resources thoroughly, you can produce immutable and extremely robust, and effective architectures.

Combination with existing facilities

AWS understands that not all conventional applications can be moved to AWS Cloud. This might be since of numerous factors such as compliance, conventional codebase, executive choices, and more.

Due to this, AWS is extremely proposing to utilize Hybrid Cloud where a part of your applications sits on-premise, and some part of it utilized AWS cloud resources. AWS Storage Gateway is a service that permits you to utilize the storage capability and functions of AWS S3 without even needing to customize conventional code.

Lots of AWS services like EFS, CodeDeploy, and more can now be utilized in your area with on-prem devices.

Assistance, Documentation, and Resources

AWS has an area on technical assistance. AWS has actually a paid prepare for technical assistance and offers some complimentary assistance for basic questions. As somebody who has actually utilized AWS technical assistance a variety of times, I can attest the sparkle and punctuality of the assistance engineers.

AWS likewise has exceptional paperwork for all of its services and functions. The AWS blog site likewise publishes short articles to assist users to carry out typical architectures.


AWS is a protected platform. It provides a totally free IAM (Identity and Access Management) service that enables you to execute fine-grained policies for users in your AWS account. You can utilize IAM to enable and reject users to carry out an action in your AWS account. AWS likewise provides the AWS Config service that can assist you carry out compliance controls in your AWS accounts.

Another security service of AWS is the AWS CloudTrail. CloudTrail tracks all the modifications in your AWS account and the API call that started these modifications. For instance, if you see somebody erasing your resources, you can examine the CloudTrail console regarding which user started this action.

Providers for novices and little scale applications

AWS is a technical platform, and if you do not have technical understanding, it may be tough to start with AWS. It provides some user friendly beginner-level services that can assist you establish extremely effective architectures for your requirement.

Amazon LightSail

Amazon Lightsail is a beginner-level service for hosting small web applications. By utilizing LightSail, you can utilize pre-configured design templates to assist you set up circumstances for your application.

AWS ElasticBeanstalk

AWS ElasticBeanstalk is a user friendly, beginner-level service that can assist you release applications of all sizes to AWS without fretting about the facilities. You can begin utilizing AWS with ElasticBeanstalk even if you just have very little understanding of AWS Cloud. ElasticBeanstalk console is easy to use and can assist you establish little to intricate facilities. And the very best part, ElasticBeanstalk is a totally free service in itself; you just spend for the resources (servers, databases) it produces.

AWS CloudFront

AWS CloudFront is a content shipment network service from AWS. CloudFront utilizes little information centers called Edge Locations around the world to cache your site material and provide your material to your consumers.

By utilizing CloudFront, you can offer your consumers around the world with low latency access to your site for nearly no charge. Yes, you read it ideal “totally free”. WS Cloudfront provides 1TB of information move out totally free. This suggests that if you established your little scale site for 1$ in the AWS Console and after that utilize CloudFront to provide it around the world. You now have an international site for 1$ each month. Naturally, if you are hosting a huge site, you will need to pay some charges for CloudFront information transfers.


AWS is a clear leader in the cloud computing world, and it provides a great deal of distinct functions. I hope the above details assists you make a notified choice about selecting AWS as your cloud company.