Facebook has been around since 2004, so if you were an early adopter, that’s a lot of photos, status updates, and comments saved to your account. With Facebook Memories, the social network can remind you of moments it believes you want to relive, but there will inevitably be memories you’d rather forgot—exes, that weird haircut, or friends and family who have passed.

Unfortunately, you can’t disable Facebook Memories completely, but you can at least mute reminders, exclude certain people, or remove specific dates. It’s a fairly straightforward process, but you have to know where to look.

Open Memories Settings

On the web, access Memories settings by clicking the nine-dot Menu icon and selecting Memories under the Personal header. For the mobile app, open the hamburger menu and select Memories from the list of options and features. Now, click the gear icon in the corner to open the Memories Settings page.

Turn Off Notifications

The memory of that ill-fated party in 2007 will live forever in the back of your mind; you don’t need Facebook to remind you of it, too, especially not via an intrusive notification. On the web, click Notifications on the left side of the page. On mobile, the notifications menu will appear when you click the gear icon.

By default, All Memories is selected, which will notify you each time Facebook thinks you need to see something. But you don’t, so either choose Highlights, to get notified about special videos, or None to turn off notifications completely.

Hide Specific People

If you like Facebook Memories, but don’t enjoy being reminded about your time with a specific person, you can exclude them from any memories in which they are tagged. Choose Hide People (it’s just People on mobile) and type their name in the text field.

When their profile pops up, select it to add them to your hidden list. You can even add yourself to hide all posts that tag your account. On the web, you must first click Save before the change takes. Return to this page if you want to block more people or remove someone from the list.

Hide Certain Dates

If it’s less about a specific person and more a certain day or time in your life, you can remove an exact date or date range from showing up in your memories. Select Dates/Hide Dates (and click Add New Date Range on the web), where you can enter dates to be excluded from your memories. Click Save and the range will be preserved. Add as many days as needed. You can then return to this page if you want to add or remove dates.