You want to share an individual file or an entire folder with other people so they can view and even edit those files collectively. If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or the website, you can access and edit these documents with other Apple device owners through iCloud.

The ability to share folders requires iOS/iPadOS 13.4 or higher on your mobile device and macOS Catalina 10.15.4 or higher on your Mac. With older versions of these operating systems, you can only share individual files.

On iOS/iPadOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Your device will either tell you that your software is up to date or it will download the latest version of the operating system. On your Mac, click the Apple icon and select About this Mac. If the version number says 10.5.4 or higher, you’re set. If not, click the button for Software Update to install the latest version.

Share iCloud Files or a Folder on Mobile

To share a specific file or folder, open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad. Make sure iCloud Drive is already set up as one of the locations. If it’s not, add it. Tap iCloud Drive and find a file or folder that you wish to share.

Tap Select in the upper right, select the file, and tap Share in the lower-left corner of the iCloud Drive window. Tap Share File in iCloud if it’s a file or Share Folder in iCloud if it’s a folder.

You can set who has access to a file or folder so that only people you invite or send the direct link to can view it. Select the file or folder, then tap Share and choose Share File/Share Folder. Swipe to the bottom of the menu and tap Share Options.

You can then set who has access to the files. Click Only people you invite to require viewers to first receive an invitation before they can see the file or folder. Click Anyone with the link to make it so viewers must first be sent a link to view the file or folder.

The folder’s permissions can also be changed. Click Can make changes to allow other users to edit the files or select View only to prevent edits. If you allow people with whom you share the item to make changes, you can also choose whether or not they can give other people access to the files.

Now, select the service that you want to use to send the invitation to access the folder. You can choose among Messages, Mail, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and more. You can also opt to just copy the link and manually insert it in your preferred app.

Depending on the app, you’ll likely need to enter an email address, phone number, or other contact information for the recipients before sending the invitation. The recipient will then receive a link to the iCloud folder. They must click the icon for the shared folder, then sign into their Apple account to view the shared files in their iCloud Drive.

At any time, you can change the access and permissions to a shared file or folder, or simply shut off sharing completely. Under the iCloud Drive tab in the Files app, tap Select, choose the item you shared, then tap Share. From the Share window, tap Manage Shared File or Manage Shared Folder to access a few different options.

If you want to give more people access to the shared folder, tap Add People. You can then go through the adding process again and send out invitations. To modify the sharing for a specific individual, tap the name of that person and change the permissions between Can make changes and View only, or remove access completely.

To turn off sharing of the folder for everyone, tap Stop Sharing, then Stop Sharing again to confirm, and the shared folder is removed from iCloud Drive for everyone else.

Share iCloud Files or Folders From Your Mac

You can share files or folders from Finder on your Mac. Click the Go menu and select iCloud Drive. Select the folder you want to share, click the Share icon at the top, and then select Share File or Share Folder.

From the Share window, set the access to Only people you invite to require viewers to receive an invite first, or Anyone with the link to allow anyone who is sent the direct link to view the files or folder.

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You can then set the permissions to Make changes, which will allow other users to make edits, or View only, to disable edits. Decide how you want to share the invitation, e.g., Mail, Message, Copy Link, or AirDrop and click the Share button.

Address and compose your email, message, or other communication and then send it. Your recipients then click the icon in the message to access the file or folder.

To change the permissions or turn off sharing, select the file or folder, click the Share icon, then select Manage Shared File or Manage Shared Folder.

You can give more people access to the folder, or change share options for the group or an individual. For a specific person, click the ellipsis icon next to the name. Choose whether you want to change the permission or remove access altogether. Click the Stop Sharing button to remove sharing for everyone.

Share From

You can also share files and folders from your iCloud Drive web page. Click on the item you want to share and select the Share File or Share Folder icon at the top.

Set the share options for access and permission and choose whether you want to send your invitation via email or by copying a link. Click Share and then address and send your email if you chose that option. Your recipients click the icon in the email to access the shared folder.

To modify the share options, select the item and click Manage Shared File or Manage Shared Folder. You can now add people to access the folder, change the options for everyone or just for select individuals, or stop sharing the item entirely.