G-Core Labs uses an exceptional hosting service for companies of all sizes to power their applications and websites.

This platform is not just budget friendly however likewise fantastic in regards to efficiency, performance, security, and functions.

With a great deal of hosts offered in the market, discovering a hosting service at less expense however outstanding quality is difficult.

You will discover it hard to comprehend which will be much better for your job given that each will feature recognized functions and abilities.

To make the job simpler for you, I’ll evaluate G-Core Labs to assist you choose if it will be an excellent option for your job.

G-Core Labs Hosting: What Is It?

G-Core Labs Hosting is an outstanding hosting service with worldwide protection, improved security, and flawless functions for companies and resellers.

They use devoted and virtual servers in 35+ cities, IPMA gain access to, servers supporting devoted VLAN, BGP assistance, and more. The hosting service likewise incorporates with G-Core Labs DNS hosting.

G-Core Labs is headquartered in Luxembourg. It is a leader in providing global edge and cloud services with top-class web efficiency, performance, and material shipment. Remarkably, the Guinness Book of Records has actually consisted of G-Core Labs due to its robust facilities.

Clients from every market and organization can take advantage of G-Core Labs considering that it supplies ideal services to satisfy diverse requirements.

G-Core Labs: Features

Here are a few of the functions of G-Core Labs:

  • Superfast CDN: G-Core Labs supplies you with a superfast CDN that can speed up the page packing speed of your sites and applications hosted on this platform. It assists disperse your material much faster around the world, regardless of your place. In this manner, you can have the upper hand over your rivals.

  • Next-generation security: G-Core Labs stresses the security of all your implementations like applications or sites from cyberattacks, such as DDoS attacks and bots.

  • Running systems: Whether you utilize Linux or Windows running system, G-Core Labs appropriates for your usage case.

  • Control board: You will get a simple and easy control board– ISPManager6 to manage your server with ease. You can likewise configure your settings rather quickly to make the server better to utilize.

  • Datacenter place: G-Core Labs has servers situated in different areas and cities around the world in order to serve the international audience. It consists of Africa, Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe, the USA, and Latin America.

The cities where the servers lie consist of Amsterdam, Almaty, Atlanta, Ashburn, Budapest, Bucharest, Chicago, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kyiv, Kishinev, London, Luxemburg, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Melbourne, Mumbai, Milan, New York, Paris, Seoul, Santiago de Queretaro, Santa Clara, Singapore, Sydney, Sofia, São Paulo, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, and Warsaw.

G-Core Labs: Use Cases

Whether you are searching for a hosting service to support your site or application or power your online computer game, you can think about G-Core Labs. It appropriates for numerous people and companies for their requirements.

A few of the usage cases of G-Core laboratories Hosting are as follows:

  • Hosting for services for their sites and applications

  • Hosting online shops to assist ecommerce organizations

  • Video game hosting for people who enjoy playing online computer game

  • Hosting for individuals trying to find DDoS security in order to secure their apps and websites from cyberattacks

  • Hosting for landing pages for companies who wish to produce and release a carrying out and quicker page filling speed for their landing pages

  • Hosting for bigger tasks for organizations who are handling huge tasks and searching for a webhosting that can please their increasing requirements.

Now that we have some concept about G-Core Labs let’s rapidly begin examining the hosting platform to choose if it will be an excellent choice for your apps and websites.

G-Core Labs Hosting Review: Ease of Use

G-Core Labs can enhance your hosting experience as it is easy to use by everyone, irrespective of their skill sets. In addition, professionals from various industries can use the platform effortlessly to power their applications and websites. 

You will get a super convenient control panel – ISPManager6, which is rich in features and functionality to help you manage everything seamlessly. Its features are:

  • Web server: You can set up and control your Linux servers, including PHP, Nginx, and Apache. It will also allow you to monitor the usage statistics of the resources.  
  • Mail servers: Manage your mailboxes and mail domains with mail servers. You can also configure aliases and redirects, set up your spam filters, and use SpamAssassin and DKIM. 
  • CMS: You can install CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc., to create your website and manage it effortlessly.
  • Domains: Configure and manage your web domains and assign them to any site with ease. You can also install your SSL certificates with this control panel.
  • File manager: ISPManager6 comes with a file manager to manage FTP users and files, set permissions on directories and files, and specify the user’s home directory.
  • Backups: You can configure automatic backups using the ISPtar module and schedule the backups to various external storage systems such as Amazon, Dropbox, and more. 
  • Security: Install a web firewall and set up your SSL certificate to secure data transfers.
  • Databases: Create databases and store them easily, manage access limits for users, and set up MySQL versions for sites. 
  • DNS: You can create different domain zones and edit their records. You can also configure name servers and manage them by integrating with DNSManager. 

The control panel’s functionality can also be increased with plug-ins. Its highly intuitive interface lets you perform actions easily from your web hosting account, from creating a mailbox to configuring the PHP with the help of GUI. It also enables you to manage the dashboard, web scripts, IP addresses, and clusters. In addition, you can install OS and servers easily without investing any extra money. 

G-Core Labs Hosting Review: Performance

You will get incredible performance, speed, and response times for your websites and applications with G-Core Labs hosting. One of the most robust edge networks powers the platform to make it even stronger. It also leverages the latest technologies and tools to accelerate the overall page loading speed. This way, it helps enhance user experience no matter where they are accessing your sites or applications from.  

Not to mention, the global infrastructure of G-Core Labs is so powerful that even the Guinness Book of Record has included it in its list. The largest global organizations, such as Metro Cash & Carry, TEDx, Avast, the Luxembourg government, RedFox Games, etc., use the cloud infrastructure of G-Core Labs.  

The platform uses channel aggregation that helps balance server loading, makes it fault-proof, and increases channel capacity. In addition, dedicated servers have a dedicated or public VLAN of their own, which allows web servers to connect to a separate virtual local network with a second network interface card. This increases safety and caters to unlimited server operation. 

Eliminate the packet broadcasting limitation and start DHCP servers of your own. This will also fulfill your infrastructural requirements without getting into any trouble with noisy neighbors. You can also implement any back-end or front-end plans, even if it is unusual.  

Furthermore, G-Core Labs offers unlimited IP addresses to users. They provide up to 15 IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for one dedicated server. For virtual servers, they offer up to 10 IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. 

G-Core Labs integrates with its cloud services to increase its performance, security, CDN speed, and more. You will get a guaranteed speed of around 200 Mbps without traffic restrictions. 

G-Core Labs Hosting Review: Security

Cybersecurity risks are soaring high, and this is why when you choose a hosting provider, you must check whether they offer good security features or not. 

With G-Core Labs, you will get excellent security from cyberattacks such as bots, DDoS attacks, and more. They offer advanced DDoS protection at the transport and network levels to safeguard your servers and their resources (L3, L4), along with the application level (L7). 

They store data in their reliable Tier-III and Tier-IV data centers by top global data center management companies like Equinix, Digital Reality, etc. In addition, the BGP option lets resellers and businesses announce IP addresses on G-Core Labs’s dedicated servers. 

You will get firewalls to secure your network, data, and applications by filtering out harmful agents on the web traffic from infiltrating your network and devices. They also follow strong encryption standards for enhanced protection. 

Apart from security, G-Core Labs also takes care of compliance regulations from organizations such as GDPR. It will ensure you stay compliant always and meet audits on time with accuracy. This way, you can implement the data privacy of your clients and customers and eliminate the risk of penalties from regulatory bodies. 

G-Core Labs Hosting Review: Support

Technical issues may pop up anytime, or you may face some difficulty understanding something with your server hosting plan. At this time, you will need immediate help to resolve your issues or ease your difficulties, especially if you don’t have much knowledge about the technicalities of the hosting server. 

Also, some issues could be risky, and you need quick support before a vulnerability can transform into a breach. 

G-Core offers awesome 24/7 customer support to resolve your issues quickly. Their support representatives are knowledgeable, professional, yet friendly to help you when you need it. Whether it’s a technical or non-technical difficulty, they will help you in no time. 

You can reach out to them via a phone call, email, or connect them via a support ticket. They can guide you in integration, real-time monitoring, and infrastructure maintenance. You can also take the help of their knowledge base to seek the answer to common questions. It will also come in handy when you want to set up and manage cloud services. 

G-Core Labs Hosting Review: Pricing

If you are looking for a quality hosting service for your applications and sites at an affordable price, G-Core Labs is a great option. They maintain transparency in their pricing policy so that you will know exactly what you are paying for. In addition, you can customize the pricing according to your server resource needs and configurations. 

To calculate the pricing, you can choose your closest data center location from the drop-down list, vCPU type, RAM type, disk storage capacity and type, and OS type.

For virtual servers, the pricing is as follows:

  • $3.70 per month for 1vCPU, 20 GB storage, 512 MB RAM, and Linux OS with unlimited traffic and 200Mbit/s network connection speed
  • $5.70 per month for 1vCPU, 30 GB storage, 1 GB RAM, and Linux OS with unlimited traffic and 200Mbit/s network connection speed
  • $10.30 per month for 2 vCPU, 50 GB storage, 2 GB RAM, Linux OS with unlimited traffic, and 200 Mbit/s network connection speed
  • $17.20 per month for 2 vCPU, 100 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, Linux OS with unlimited traffic, and 200 Mbit/s network connection speed

This extends to $99/month for 8 vCPU, 32 GB RAM, 600 GB storage, and Windows OS with unlimited traffic and 200 Mbit/s network connection speed.

For dedicated server hosting, it will cost: 

  • $185 for 1 month. It will include an E-2136 CPU, 64 GB RAM, two 480 GB disks, 1 Gbps bandwidth, and 30 TB web traffic. 
  • $254 for 1 month. It will include E-2288G CPU, 64 GB RAM, two 480 GB disks, 1 Gbps bandwidth, and 30 TB traffic. 
  • $345 for 1 month, including 2 Silver 4114 CPUs, 64 GB RAM, two 2000 GB disks, 1 Gbps bandwidth, and 30 TB traffic. 
  • $460 for 1 month, including 2 Silver 4214R CPUs, 128 GB RAM, two 960 GB disks, 1 Gbps bandwidth, and 30 TB traffic. 

How Can G-Core Labs Hosting Help Businesses of All Sizes?

When you go out looking for a hosting service, you will find plenty of them. 

But why should you choose G-Core Labs above others?

Let’s answer this question by looking at some of the advantages of using this platform. 


You will want a hosting service that can scale up with your growth without coming in your way. G-Core Labs offers a hosting platform that supports your application or site’s growth. They offer various configurations of disk storage, RAM, and CPUs to meet your growing needs. 


Finding a service that offers superb performance and features but is less costly is itself a challenge. But if you choose G-Core, you will get a powerful server, excellent support, and features at an affordable rate no matter where you are located in the globe. Their virtual servers start at just $3.70 per month, with all the goodness coming under the plan and extending as the resources increase. 

High Performing

Speed and response time will never be an issue if you choose G-Core Labs. All their servers have the latest hardware and leverage innovative technologies and tools to make your hosting journey a beautiful ride. They guarantee around 200 Mbps speed without traffic restrictions. Their security features are also advanced and also are compliant with regulations like GDPR to keep you secure from attacks. 

Global Presence

G-Core Labs has a truly global presence to serve users from anywhere. They have data centers in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. Hence, you can choose the closest one to achieve the lowest pings and top-notch speed and performance. 

Conclusion: Should You Consider Buying G-Core Labs Hosting?

You may consider buying G-Core Labs hosting if you are looking for an affordable service provider but don’t want to compromise on quality. From performance, ease of use, and features, to security, compliance, and scalability, G-Core Labs is an excellent hosting service to power your websites and applications.