AWS Lightsail is a beginner-level service for hosting small web applications. In this short article, we will cover whatever you require to learn about AWS LightSail.

AWS is a cloud computing giant. It is the greatest and the most secondhand cloud service provider worldwide that has more than 200 services. If you recognize with AWS, you should have become aware of the AWS Service Elastic Cloud Compute or EC2. EC2 is among the earliest services from AWS, released in 2006.

Utilizing the AWS EC2 service, you can produce Virtual Private Servers that can be utilized for any usage case– for instance, hosting a web application or information processing app. Although EC2 is affordable and relatively easy to utilize, it has a great deal of functions and specifications which can be frustrating for novices. This is why AWS released its more recent service to arrangement Virtual Private Servers, AWS LightSail, in late 2016.

AWS LightSail encapsulates a great deal of over-complicated functions of EC2 and streamlines the entire facilities provisioning and application implementation. So, if your requirement is to merely host a WordPress web app or a custom-made web app without excessive inconvenience, LightSail is your finest option. Let us take a look at its functions to have a much better understanding of LightSail.

AWS LightSail Features

Fast & Easy

AWS LightSail is designed to be the easiest service for provisioning Virtual private servers. It allows you to create VPS in a few clicks by simply selecting pre-configured templates for your requirements like WordPress, Magneto, LAMP, and many more. AWS LightSail also configures security and networking capabilities automatically, making the whole process easier.

Expense and effectiveness

AWS LightSail is less expensive and a much better option than EC2 circumstances for little applications. Even the most budget friendly Lightsail rates strategies consist of whatever you require to boost your task like a virtual maker, SSD, information transfer abilities, DNS management, and a fixed IP address. Utilizing LightSail is totally free for 3-months, and after that, it can be as low-cost as 3.5$ monthly.

AWS Cloud

AWS LightSail is developed on the world’s leading cloud, AWS. This enables you to quickly incorporate your LightSail applications with numerous other services in AWS like RDS databases, AWS Lambda, SQS lines, and a lot more. The possible mixes of combinations and applications are unlimited.

Streamlined load balancers

AWS Lightsail’s streamlined load stabilizing paths web traffic throughout your virtual personal servers to accommodate variations in traffic and supply a smooth user experience.


This is a lesser-known function of LightSail. Apart from offering servers to host your applications, it likewise uses completely set up MySQL or PostgreSQL database strategies.


LightSail provides smooth combination with SSD-backed block storage gadgets for Linux and Windows devices. For item storage requirements, you can constantly link your application to S3 pails in your account.

Updating to EC2

As you get more knowledgeable about AWS, you may wish to move your LightSail application to EC2. LightSail offers an assisted treatment to move LightSail apps to EC2 circumstances. To move your application to EC2 initially, you need to take a picture of your circumstances and export this picture from the LightSail console to the EC2 console. AWS has a fantastic short article that can assist you with this upgrade. As soon as your photo is exported, you can utilize the “Upgrade to EC2” wizard to begin your LightSail application on EC2.

Distinction in between AWS LightSail and EC2

Both AWS LightSail and EC2 are services for provisioning Virtual Private Servers. To best comprehend AWS LightSail, you ought to understand the distinction in between LightSail and EC2. This must assist you make a notified choice in between the 2 when the celebration occurs.

Both, LightSail and EC2 are extremely effective, and fully grown services are implied for totally various usage cases. EC2 circumstances are extremely configurable and can be utilized for all sort of usage cases. EC2 likewise has various Instance households, each enhanced for particular work.

The list of EC2 functions is limitless, which likewise indicates that EC2 is a complex service. LightSail, on the other hand, is planned for small applications and work. You do not have a great deal of control over circumstances setup. Nevertheless, you can utilize LightSail to boost your applications even as a novice in AWS.


AWS LightSail is an outstanding option to host advancement and test environments or small production environments. It is an easy and simple service that will permit you to begin your application for a very low cost.